Swimming pools and jacuzzis

Are you thinking of hiring a company to build a swimming pool or jacuzzi in the Lake Geneva region?

Our team of specialists in indoor and outdoor swimming pools and jacuzzis have been bringing customers’ projects to life since 2009.

We work in partnership with Aqua-tech, a specialist in the field, with Bollinger carrying out the structural work. Together, we can complete your pool or jacuzzi project.

We make both shell and reinforced-concrete pools. The tiles are laid on the waterproofing membrane in compliance with SIA standards. We work with the tiling company Bertola carrelage, headed by certified master tiler Julien Bertola.

We’re happy to be involved in all stages of your pool or jacuzzi project, from design to maintenance.

Bolliger, construction d'une piscine intérieure avec aménagement

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